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Hi I like you very much keyja, but here very *** girl musiq and musiq boyfriend (Blur) , he always disturb me and disturb all peoples with fake ids without reason, because he have moderator, and he wrong use moderator, I put one photo screen shot here, please wach, he come with fake id.. nick is (Rey_leon_) and he talk *** about my girlfriend nick is MONY- after I said something with my nick KKING- .. after he banned me because of I protect my girl.. I banned 3 time without reason ..its not justified, I like you keyja but im tired here with this bad people. .

Sorry for my bad English. .

My nick is kking-

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Blur is the biggest dog of keyja. A fake person that has no self respect.

Always causing problems at the front of moderators who don't do anything. There are corrupt moderators who do what they want and get away with it. The higher moderators don't look into it when they can see clearly ..

that X moderator is abusing there power.

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